Is It Time For A Triple Safe?

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 by Ashley Walther

Is it Time to Replace Your Sump Pump?

Anyone who has had to deal with water damage knows what a nightmare it can be. Even a small amount, if in the right spot, can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair. On top of causing you headache and money, water infiltration can also lead to health problems caused by mildew and mold. In heavy rains or snow, you trust your sump pump to protect your basement from flooding. However, since your sump pump only runs when needed and may not run for weeks at a time, you may not notice when it has worn out and needs to be replaced. Here we learn some signs that it may be time to replace your sump pump to prevent a flood in your home. 

Is your sump pump frequently cycling on and off or running non-stop?

A sump pump system that's constantly in operation can easily overheat and break down. This is especially true if your sump pump is running when there's no water in the pit, as that water will help your system cool itself down during operation. Sump pumps can run continually for many reasons, including a malfunction in the system, a high water table, or a plumbing issue. At 3 Pros Basement Systems, we use award-winning sump pump systems with the common causes of sump pump failure in mind.  As a result, we have created the most reliable sump pump system in the industry. 

Is your sump pump making weird noises?

Your sump pump shouldn't make much noise. It should run quietly and smoothly.  There are several causes for strange sounds such as mechanical problems or a clogged up system, but it's usually a strong indicator that your sump pump has worn or damaged parts. A 3 Pros technician can come out and tell you whether a quick fix or a total replacement is in order. 

Does your sump pump have backup power?

Bad thunderstorms can easily knock out power and render your sump pump useless. Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States, causing millions of dollars in damage each year. You don't want your sump pump to stop working when you need it most!  If you aren't ready to invest in a generator, you can get a battery backup system. These sump pumps ensure that even if the electricity goes out or a circuit breaker is tripped, your backup sump pump will continue to operate effectively. At 3 Pros Basement Systems, we have several sump pump options including ones with battery backup systems. 

Is your sump pump 7 years old or older?

Unfortunately, most sump pumps don't last forever. If your sump pump is 7 years old or older, regardless of maintenance, it may just be time to replace it. Features of our sump pumps include: powerful pumps, attractive and airtight sump cover, durable housing, emergency backup, and built-in alarm. Make an investment that's worth years of worry-free flood protection and peace of mind. 

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The TripleSafe Sump Pump system includes features and advantages that no other product on the market has. The three pump system automatically adjusts itself to meet pumping requirements, keeping your basement dry. It has a back-up battery powered pump as well, in case the power goes out to prevent flooding. Its lid is airtight and removable, so it is not noisy and can be easiliy serviced and inspected.

Most sump pumps fail due to a damaged or failing pump, a pump that cannot handle the volume of water, or a power failure during a storm where the sump pump fails altogether. With TripleSafe, you don't need to worry about the pump failing from high water levels or power outages, thanks to the back up battery powered pump.

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