Product Profile: The UltraSump

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021 by Ashley Walther

The main way we keep our basements dry is with a sump pump. But what happens when there is a power outage? Or maybe the pump gets unplugged, or worse, fails completely? This is where the UltraSump is the best option for extra peace of mind. The UltraSump is a battery powered back-up pump. It will turn on automatically if there is a power failure - the homeowner doesn't need to worry about going to turn it on or off. It comes with an alarm that actually alerts the homeowner that it's working - they don't even need to go and check on it. It has a high-capacity 120 amp power pack and boasts 2,018 gallons of water per hour output. It has the capability to pump 12,000 total gallons on a fully charged battery!

The UltraSump is available with an optional double power pack configuration to double the total gallons it can pump out. Contact 3 Pros Basement Systems to get one installed today!

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